Would you like to see the paintings live? Here you can follow both ongoing, upcoming and passed events. It can be everything from exhibitions, openings and art fairs both nationally and internationally.

April 2024

ArtExpo New York, USA

Oktober 2024

Växjö Konstrunda

Private viewings

Vill du prova konsten hemma?
For those who are interested, I sometimes arrange private viewings on request at home in Växjö. This mainly applies to potential buyers who want to see the art beforehand. Sometimes also offer home visits where we hang the paintings to get a good felling of what works and not.
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October 2023

Carrusel de Louvre, Paris

Collective Exhibition - Växjö Art Gallery

Växjö Konstrunda - Gamla Badhuset, Växjö

June 2022 - June 2023

Rossocinabro Art Gallery, Rom

May 2023

Essence of Nature - World Trade Center, Växjö
Open at 8-17, monday-friday

Exhibition - Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malmö
Malmö Gallery weekend

Collective Exhibition - Växjö Art Gallery, Växjö

Växjö Art Round - The Museum of Smaland, Växjö

Plume Art Gallery, Viken

Collective Art Show - Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid

Collective Exhibition - Gislaved Art Gallery

Art Round, Gislaved-Gnosjö

Artportable, Stockholm

Zeitgeist Art Show, Uppsala

Canceled due to restrictions

International Contemporary Artfair - ART3F, Paris

Collective Art Show - Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid

D.E.M.O Lifestyle - MA.D.S. Art Gallery, Milano & Fuerteventure

Japandi Art, Soloutställning - World Trade Center, Växjö

International Contemporary Artfair - ART3F, Monaco

Samlingsutställning - Växjö Universitet

Samlingsutställning - Växjö Universitet