"Do you know what I think of when I see your art?"

I don't know how many times I've heard that phrase in various contexts over the years, always with the same response. Even though my art is completely different, in hindsight, I can agree that it still breathes a kind of modern John Bauer. My inspiration has always been rooted in nature, and perhaps this is where our paths meet, in our interpretation of the Swedish forests. 

The series 'Bauer Collection' is centered around the mystique of the Swedish enchanted forest and is aabstract tribute to one of our most beloved Swedish artists.. Take a deep breath and let yourself dream away.. Here lies a natural magic that appeals to the childlike mind and imagination, while at the same time offering peace in just being. Some of my original Japandi Art that acted as the starting shots in this series, I have dedicated afterwards. 

Artworks coming soon!