The Craft

 I create with restraint and in small quantities over a long period of time.

The works of art are gradually built up in a number of thin acrylic layers that are processed and reworked with some well-chosen mediums. Depending on external factors such as weather, angles and light... you might experience that they change their appearance during the day. This is a result of the different layers shining through at various times giving the painting a slightly new character once in a while.

Each work of art is meant to take the viewer with them and disappear into the art if only for a moment. A mental break from the noise of the outside world, to enclosed in one's own thought and the healing power of nature.

Japandi art – af Elbe, is art characterized by inner peace and an elegant mystery that is in harmony with nature. Each work has its own poem to further enhance the intended experience. A smal window to the artists own mind.