”A master of abstraction. With her delicate color selection and subtle texture, she creates pieces that fill spaces with calm. She seeks a meditative atmosphere for your space.”

– Christina Pomareta, Art Curator – Madrid.

Johanna Elbe (b. 1984) from Gislaved Småland, is an intuitive artist active in Växjö where she also studied visual arts and mathematics at the University. Licensed teacher in visual arts and elected member of the Swedish Artists Association.


Creativity has always been a part of her life. But as life changed due to new commitments, she took a break from art. The need to create did not disappear because the brushes were on the shelf, but was transfered from the canvas to the creative process in renovations, architecture and interior design.


Finding a balance in today's society is difficult when there are so many demands and expectations on life. And if you press to hard to long, the body finally gives up and you are forced into changes you might never have made otherwise. This was the contributing factor that made Johanna pick up the brushes again. To find recovery and energy where there was none at the time. Her current abstract work became the way back after a long time of stress and exhaustion. An elegant minimalist interpretation of nature and an attempt to create harmony and reflection in everyday life. 


The art carries a monochrome and subtle expression with the aim of capturing the feeling and essence of a chosen natural element. Every painting completed with a poem to create a deeper meaning and dimension to her own inner world. These two components make up the complete work together and often reflects Johannas need for recovery and to find calm in the chaos around. An attempt to make the viewer see what she sees but also feel what she feels.