into the milky way

”We are all pieces of the same dust. Each and every one of us a unique star in the vast of a sparkling intangible void. Should you ever find yourself lost, let the light of others guide you. A lonely star has a light of its own but it is together we shine the brightest. As gravity holds us together we are part of something greater, like the stars align in the Milky Way.”

The theme for 2021 is the Milky Way and is represented as a whole by 25 small works of art. Every small piece is a unique part of the big artwork, numbered by its position. 

If you want to see the entire work of art live, it will be exhibited in Växjö at the World Trade Center (towards Södra Bantorget) during the Christmas signage. Within a couple of weeks the bigger artwork it will be taken down and disassembled piece by piece. 

Each "Piece" will be framed with a white box frame, marked and signed together with a ”Certificate of Authenticity”.


Depending on the weather and time of day, the artwork changes as the different layers of colors shine through differently. In the evening, the warm tones can disappear completely and sometimes the painting can be experienced as more green than blue. In direct sunlight, the contrasts can be seen much more clearly than on an overcast day. The painting lives its own life during the day. I have tried to create as fair a picture as possible of how this change can be experienced in the pictures posted.

”Make a difference, piece by piece…”


Size: 20x20 cm (27x27 framed)


shopping bag - vector icon flat illustration eps10